Week 9: Best bets for NCAA football

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But Kansas is not really a road game because only 25,000 or so people are showing up for Kansas football games these days.)

Another crazy fact? Missouri has not beaten three ranked teams in a row since 1939.

Honestly, this is why the SEC Network is going to make so much damn sense next year.

The guess here is no, Oklahoma wins by six.

The last two games Tennessee’s played have been the best the Vols have looked since 2009, the year Alabama escaped with a miraculous 12-10 victory.

Meanwhile, Steve Spurrier is going to take all three of his second-half timeouts on the Gamecocks first drive of the third quarter leaving Carolina fans to wonder whether Spurrier has gone all John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind.”

By the way, need a sign that your program isn’t really clicking on all cylinders?

Uh, yeah.

Stanford’s on major upset alert in this road game.

Might be a good morning to take the kids out to breakfast and then let them run around and get tired before naps.

But if Mizzou wins?

“Hey,” Mississippi State fans will all think, “maybe we aren’t that bad after all!”

Florida-Mizzou was buried last weekend. Texas at TCU, 7:30 ET FOX Sport s 1

Bama wins by three touchdowns, but Tennessee covers.

Please, I beg you, manage to stay awake for a late night game — or at least set the DVR — Mannion has 29 touchdown passes and he’s throwing to Brandin Crooks, the best wide receiver in the country that no one has heard of, either.

3. Georgia, also with two losses in conference, still has games against Florida and at Auburn. Stanford at Oregon State, 10:30 ET, ESPN

Boy, there really aren’t many good games early in the day, are there?

Here’s my weekly TV viewer guide:

And Maty Mauk is going to celebrate Mizzou winning the SEC East by getting arrested with three girls on the back of his scooter.

And if you want a play that could really pay off, take the Dores +600 on the money line.

Pretty crazy fact, Missouri was unranked until October, now the Tigers are inside the BCS top five.

UCLA at Oregon -22.5

Vanderbilt +18 at Texas AM

Kentucky at Mississippi State -10

2. All of them were sound beatings, but none of them were truly humiliating defeats.

Nope, you’re that bad.

If so, does he suddenly find himself on USC’s coaching list?

I promise you guys will love it.

Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion is the best player in college football that no one has seen.

Tennessee’s not great, but the Vols have markedly improved since early in the season.

This will be the saddest SEC game of the year until Mississippi State and Arkansas play on Nov. I think that will be neutralized because Manziel won’t be scrambling that much. Vanderbilt at Texas AM, 12:21, ET ESPN

I will be in a Mizzou and Ohio State jersey for part of the show.

5. Meanwhile, Missouri would still have Tennessee, at Ole Miss and Texas AM.

After nailing three of the five SEC upsets last week — Mizzou on the money line bet to win, Vandy against Georgia and Auburn on the road at Texas AM — plus missing on South Carolina at Tennessee despite saying for the two weeks prior that Tennesee was the bet before switching because I bought into the Gamecocks destruction of an awful Arkansas team — I felt pretty good about things.

(By the way, my co-hosts on 3HL have convinced me to make this pick … South Carolina at Missouri, 7:30 ET, ESPN 2

Derek Dooley lost three consecutive games against Alabama by 31 points. Get your tickets now!

Do you know how many stations have had decent SEC games this year? It’s extraordinary.

What does that all mean?

Baylor -34.5 at Kansas

Oddsmakers say this game is pretty much even.

Published October 24, 2013

This is the last game that Mississippi State wins all season and Mullen will win big to take the Bulldogs to 4-3 and instill false optimism in Bulldog faithful.

Making me the most awkward looking man to wear a Mizzou jersey since Chase Daniel.

My biggest concern on the Commodore side is that defensive coordinator Bob Shoop, while good against pro-style offenses, has not done well stopping spread offenses this year. UCLA at Oregon, 7 ET, ES PN

Hence, my Nick Saban as a vampire theory, he wanted to take just enough blood from Dooley to keep him around as long as possible.

Then LSU’s offense completely vanished, killing me on the pick and on the over.

The original article can be found at FOXSports.com: Week 9: Best bets for NCAA football.

Thankfully, Derek Dooley is gone.

Meanwhile, for all the mess at South Carolina, win and the Gamecocks just have to win home games against Mississippi State and Florida to post a 6-2 SEC record by Nov. Indeed, he hasn’t run that much this year at all.

So let’s give the Jayhawks 21.

1. Start off your day with us on Fox College Saturday on FS1, the nation’s second highest rated college football pregame show!

Can UCLA slow down the Ducks? Will anyone in the Pac-12 all season?

Or, if you’re without kids, to go out hard on Friday night and sleep until noon. 16. Man, I remember those days.

You have a bye week before Kentucky. If it’s wrong, it’s on Blaine and Brent too).

The result?

Eighteen is way too many points to give to Vandy here.

South Carolina at Mizzou -2.5

Plus, Johnny Manziel is playing hurt.

A double loss in a game, which killed the weekend, knocking me back to 4-4.

Do I think Baylor can score 56?

6. (I know, I know, it’s a Thursday night game)

If so, will Terry Saban have to stop house hunting in Austin?

Here’s a bet for no.


Because that’s what Dan Mullen does.

Here’s the deal, Texas AM can’t stop anyone.

It’s Mauktober.

Well, the SEC East is pretty much decided before October ends.

We were 4-2 rolling into LSU at Ole Miss and my most confident pick all weekend was LSU -8 and the over at 59.5.

(The only risk here is that Baylor has not played well on the road. Texas Tech at Oklahoma, 3:30 ET, FOX

Baylor wins huge.. In fact, I think some Gator fans are still pretending this game was never played because they couldn’t find it on television.

But still.

8. Tennessee at Alabama, 3:30 ET, CBS

Could Mack Brown really start 4-0 in the Big 12?

Can Kliff Kingsbury really take the Red Raiders to 8-0?

But, never fear, like Sisyphus we keep pushing that great betting boulder up the hill.

Sooner or later Oregon is going to have a close game.

God bless him.

Tennessee +28.5 at Alabama

Kansas has not scored more than 19 points all year.

I have no idea what station this game is actually going to be on.

Nobody circles the wagons and beats bad football teams better than Dan Mullen.

The Ducks win big, showing off an elite defense for a change.

Win in the SEC and you climb in a hurry.

So take the ‘Dores even with uncertainty at quarterback.

In other news, check out the latest Outkick the Podcast with this week’s guest, former South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia.

So now we’re sitting at 24-25 and what looked like a great weekend turned into a total push.

Win this game and the Ducks will vault to second place in the BCS, never to relinquish that spot so long as they keep winning.

Oh, my, can you imagine the work Kingsbury could do in LA?

But it will not be this week.

The picks continue to fight the good fight and meet with much resistance.

4. 23 in Little Rock

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