The Negatives of Affiliate Marketing

Written by  on November 15, 2015 

Answers are limited to about 5000 characters (approx. But while I was originally impressed with the concept and how the site functioned, I was less than impressed with the ethics of the users on there and even those in charge.

In 2011 I signed up at ShopSquad, which is like a mix between an affiliate program/network and a social networking website, or at least it was until the whole place was changed the following year. Work at it, and soon you too will be bringing in the big bucks! Tell you what, take the rest of the day off, okay? Youll feel better tomorrow and if you feel good, youll do good! Go get em slick! Ata boy!

Ive had some success with Amazon, but not much at all with some of the others.

I signed up with Amazon over 5 years ago and I mainly had Amazon ads accompany my hubs here on HubPages. Whoops.. They got back to me and said they would look in to it and offered the excuse: Sometimes our users get a little too excited and enthusiastic.

This inspired me; fired me up to write this hub, and I decided I would go ahead and list some other things that are wrong in the world of affiliate marketing.

I then monitored those users who had committed these infractions, and it was quiet for a while. Dont be like that. The reason why ShopSquad doesnt care, and why companies who run these affiliate programs in general dont care is because these people are making sales and getting commissions, and most importantly making the companies involved more money. 900 words), but the average one is about a paragraph or two at the most.

You can just imagine if it were a real life scene, complaining to the boss about a fellow salesmans questionable methods: Oh come on, sport. Youll do just fine. At first, much like Darren Rowse over at Problogger years ago, on these blogs I had banners leading to said websites, without even bothering to link to specific products related to what I was writing about or anything strategic like that.

All seemed well until I actually started to read the posts provided by other ShopSquad advisors when helping some poor, clueless shopper. So what if theyre going about it the wrong way spamming bulletin boards, email accounts, setting up spam blogs, and scraping content from elsewhere on the web? And when someone who tries to play the game the right way; follows the rules, comes along and who probably isnt making any sales, no commission, and no money for the company, then its an issue thats just swept under the rug. I thought it was the opportunity I’d been hoping for. Your responses to questions are more akin to the answers feature on HubPages you dont have to go and write a whole hub on the topic. From there I started putting them on my blogs. They often copied and pasted product descriptions from product detail pages over at Amazon and the like, or even entire product reviews from CNET with little to no wording of their own. Lets not and say we did, as Bill Maher would say.

Yeah, enough so that they must have highlighted some random text, hit ctrl+c and then ctrl+v in another browser tab all by accident. That and they linked to multiple products within the text when youre only supposed to use the add products feature below the text to do this (like having Amazon product capsules on HubPages) I observed these and some other unsavoury practices. But it didnt last long because after a week or so they were right back at it. I then went on to join other affiliate networks or programs like Linkshare and Commission Junction. And they were the ones making sales! I contacted ShopSquad about this and informed them of the users plagiarism and scraping transgressions. I was chuffed to be a part of the website initially, because you act as an advisor and recommend products for people, using the same basic strategy of linking to products at supported stores and receiving commission if someone buys something, while ShopSquad takes a healthy 50% cut

Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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Max Lyons

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