List of Animals Affected and Endangered by the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill

Written by  on September 7, 2016 


the centuries, human development of these areas has made nesting areas harder

to find, and contamination by oil washing ashore will only lower the chances

that some of these marine turtle species can survive in the Gulf

of Mexico.

Dangers to sea turtles from

spilled oil include contamination of the fish and other small animals they eat,

as well as damage to underwater seaweed beds where they feed. When dispersants

are used to drive floating oil to the bottom of the Gulf, these seabeds become contaminated. All of the turtle species

in the Gulf use the soft sand beaches in the region to build their nests.

. The most endangered of these species, the

Kemp’s ridley turtle, nests along the beaches of the Gulf in the early summer,

and the area immediately surrounding the damaged oil pipe was one of this

turtle’s last remaining feeding grounds in the Gulf.

Inhalation of toxic fumes from the BP oil spill when

the turtles surface to breath can also prove deadly. Of the seven

remaining sea turtle species on Earth, five are present in the Gulf of Mexico.

Already listed as endangered

around the globe, the turtle species that inhabit the Gulf

of Mexico are further threatened by the oil spill

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