Is it possible to get rich fast off sports betting?

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Of course, this is not really a practical bankroll management strategy, and nobody consistently wins 70% of their bets unless they only bet huge favorites, in which case they won’t be getting -110 on their bets. . And no illegal bookie is going to let you win $1 million off of him. You again win exactly 7 of 10 games, your total profit would be $494.45. Las Vegas is full of broke idiots who went on a winning streak for a little while and thought they were sports betting geniuses before crashing and burning.

If you repeat this pattern every week, winning 7 out of 10 games and increasing your bets by 33.6% each week, you’d have $1,000,000 in 29 weeks (or $1,157,668.65 to be exact). That’s a bankroll increase of about 33.6%.

And yes, you’d probably have to move to Las Vegas to execute such a plan. The next week, you increase your bets by 33.6%, so instead of betting $110 on each of 10 games, you’re betting $147 on each game. He’ll ban you or break your kneecaps a long time before you reach that amount.

Now your total bankroll is $1470. Your new total bankroll would be $1964.45. Sounds like a math exercise to me. I suppose it would be possible to pull it off on an online casino, but getting your money out is such a hassle that you may not get the money you should, and you might not get it in a timely fashion (it could take years to get it all out in small increments). In 31 weeks, you’d have over $2 million. Assuming every bet was at a line of -110 (you must bet $110 to win $100, that would be a profit of $370 ($700 won minus $330 lost). So betting limits don’t matter so much, since almost any major casino will take $10,000 bets.

And FYI, the numbers work out the same if you bet half the amount of twice the games and win exactly 70%, or 1/4 the amount on 40 games, and so on and so on.

Say you started with a bankroll of $1100, and bet on $110 per game on 10 games per week, and won exactly 7 of them every week

Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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Max Lyons

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