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Canada is among the top 4 gambling countries in the world.

Online casinos can offer free slot games and play money options, whereas brick-and-mortar establishments restrict gaming options to real currency. Rent, utilities and construction costs also take their toll on patrons in the form of higher rakes and commissions.

When was the last time a live casino gave you a sign-up bonus, deposit rewards, or free slot spins? If you’re like most players, probably never.

Free Games

Canadians can play slot machines online instead of visiting a traditional casino.

In North America, slot machines are the most popular games inside a casino, accounting for 50 to 80% of total revenue. By playing web or mobile-based slots, you can eliminate the need to drive for miles, look for parking space, overcome the weather, and pay ATM fees just to withdraw cash (At brick-and-mortar casinos, ATM fees can be as high as $20 per transaction).

Better Deals From Online Slots

There are financial incentives as well: Online casinos have lower overheads, which can result in competitive offers to slot machine patrons, such as free spins, free credits, deposit bonus, lower rakes and transaction fees, loyalty programs, and other special promotions.

Industry observers expect online and mobile-based casinos to continue to take market share away from live establishments and Indian reservations. Not true with Canadian online casinos where you can enjoy slots with play money.

While the majority of patrons play at traditional establishments and Indian reservations (Canada has 15 Indian casinos), a growing number of people are moving towards online and mobile-based slots.

With the web, there’s no waiting in line — the play is instantaneous. It’s an online casino that caters to Canadians — the site offers sign-up promotions including free slot spins, free credits, 10% deposit bonus, and 50% deposit bonus from Monday to Thursday.

Internet sites (such as WinTrillions Casino) have dramatically lower overheads because security is provided by software, firewalls, privacy settings, and other virtual safeguards. That’s because internet sites like WinTrillions Casino let Canadians play from the comfort of their homes — without having to overcome the various hassles of commuting.

Differences Between Internet and Live Slots

The casino industry spends billions of dollars each year installing security cameras and personnel. They can afford to entice new customers with better deals and lower transaction costs – not to mention the greater efficiencies of avoiding the hassles of commute.

An establishment or Indian reservation can also turn off some customers through the presence of cigarette smoke, long lines, dirty machines, intrusive security personnel, and expensive ATM fees. Therefore, these sites can reward customers with better promotions and deals.

All their chips must have currency value. When you step inside a casino, you’ll need to bring plenty of cash because they’ll force you to use currency each time you play.

Play Slots Online

Just as with any other business, a live casino’s higher expenses only lead to higher costs for slot players. The games are largely the same — you can argue they’re a commoditized offering. In Canada, playing online slot machines is the way of the future.

Canadians can play slot machines online instead of visiting a traditional casino. Whether you’re at home, the mall, or a restaurant, online slot games are immediately accessible from your fingertips (with mobile platforms) or with the click of a mouse.

WinTrillions Casino offers over 70 slot machine games. If you play other games, dealer tips can add up to a fortune over the course of the day.. However, Canadian establishments are finding themselves in an unfavorable competitive position.

At WinTrillions Casino, Canadians can also choose among a large variety of slot machine themes and games: genres include cartoons, sports, adventure, and fantasy

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