Horse Racing’s Evolution from Dirt To Virtual Tracks

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With purses as low as $5000 to millions, races offer innumerable opportunities to the thoroughbreds but every horse has a limited number of races in them and each one of them has their own niche.

Horse races in olden times showcased thoroughbreds who’d race dead heats for distances as tiring as 4 miles but the constant inbreeding of thoroughbreds focusing more on speed than stamina has eventually lead to a considerably delicate breed horses, highly vulnerable to injury. You can find articles regarding Horse racing industries and interesting facts about the understanding of 3D racing online games.

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Horse racing is one of the most traditional sports, very much like archery. This also contributes to their propensity towards being a lavish hobby to nurture.

Talking about their domestic versions, horse racing is now available in simulations.

An ardent fan of horse racing for years, I am extremely passionate about writing articles on adventurous topics on the lines of new developments in sports, online games as well as other fields. Players register for free downloads and get their access to all racing horses, breeding and betting, and even stable management. Continuation of a winning spree greatly depends on what the progeny would bring. With technological evolution, both the sports have received their share of face-lifts and modestly accepted it too.

While archery ‘metamorphosized’ with the traditional wooden bow and arrow transformed into a high-accuracy metallic weapon, horse racing gathered add-on features like betting and casino bars along with simulated versions of the sport for those who’d better enjoy the game in the comforts of their home.

Statistically, the latter sport is a high money laundering game, almost extremely profitable to those who’ve developed the equestrian forte but the winning tenure associated to an excelling thoroughbred is bound by its age. Apart from the entire racing experience available on a platter for the racers, the games also give away real gifts and free points!

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. It’s a stylish game lined with fans from all walks of life, majorly the wealthy ones. It’s also the management of horses that makes the game expensive apart from its high money wagering nature. Races today never span for more than 2 miles and only the very best of breed can accomplish the distance, or even more so, win it.

Horse racing has always been the sport of affluence and opulence. The sport and every aspect of it has been studied in detail, designed to perfection and brought to life on a virtual gaming platform that acts as a window for all its players to enjoy the game without the need to be physically present at the grand stands.

HorseRaceGame brings to all racing enthusiasts 3D racing online games built on a database that hosts thousands on online simulated racing legends designed with utmost detail and precision, so much that each virtual horse is an exact imitation of its real character and exhibits all characteristics reminiscent of their inspirational thoroughbred. The horses and their breeding, training, care and post career maintenance is high and requires heavy expenditures

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Max Lyons

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