Preschool Playgroup Meeting Activity Success Tip

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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Children can build anything they want with blocks and use their imagination. Easier than it sounds, creating centers only requires gathering items and setting them out.

An important success tip in planning preschool playgroup meetings is to provide unstructured activities so that children can learn through creative play and develop prosocial skills. But instead of giving out a coloring sheet with a truck on it as an art activity, parents can provide a more age appropriate play activity by covering a child sized table in plastic then butcher block paper. When parents add simple kitchen props such as tongs, plastic knives, a meatball former, a plastic garlic press and a rolling pin, young children will stay busy simply manipulating dough into different shapes.

Creative Play Success TipParents usually want their child to be part of a playgroup because of the social interaction opportunities offered by being around other children. If parents dont have plastic dishes, paper plates, plastic spoons and plastic bowls work well as emergency props.

Examples of Structured Activities:

Coloring on coloring sheetsAssembling craftsPutting on a play with rehearsed linesPlaying games with rulesExamples of Unstructured/Creative Play Activities:Coloring with crayons or sidewalk chalk on plain paper (white or solid colored)Exploring with a variety of art supplies with no end product in mindPretend play using a variety of dress up clothes and props with no scriptPlaying music and providing different props for children to use to move or danceSuccess Tips for Planning Unstructured Play Activities

When planning preschool playgroup activities, adults can save time and improve social interactions among children by providing age appropriate materials for several unstructured play activities. Setting out paper in different shapes, glue sticks, paper plates, markers and chenille stems to let children create something that is their own idea is an example of a more unstructured activity.

A play kitchen or even a table and chairs with play dishes and food will spark plenty of unstructured creative play for preschoolers. Assembling a craft that results in all children following the same steps to create a paper plate cat face is a structured activity. Dramatic play props of any kind are of high interest to preschoolers and pretend play develops children’s social skills.

Squishing play dough is another unstructured play activity that preschoolers love. Structured play activities have rules, guidelines or exact steps to follow. A preschooler’s brain needs an abundance of creative play opportunities.

What are Unstructured Play Activities?

Preschoolers learn best through unstructured play as opposed to structured play. If children seem tired of blocks after a few playgroup meetings, adults can perk up block play easily by setting a box of cars or a box of animal figures next to the blocks.

Outdoor Summer Preschool Playgroup Ideas

When play materials and activities are suited to the age level of children, the stress level of children will be lower, fewer arguments will occur and social interactions will be enhanced. Theres no need to plan a craft or a game. Unstructured play activities allow children to explore in creative play with materials and see what happens. But preschool playgroup meetings can be counter-productive and stressful to children if the setting and play activities are too structured and not age appropriate. Whether meeting inside or outside, parents should plan a preschool playgroup meeting by creating centers, the same way that preschool classrooms are set up, with materials and toys for children to do plenty of creative play and safe exploring. When parents follow this keep it unstructured success tip, meetings will be more relaxing for both children and adults.

How Age Appropriate Activities Affect Social Interactions

Many parents arent aware of child development recommendations and may think, if my child can do this, it must be okay. Certainly children may be able to accomplish tasks that arent exactly on their age level, but inappropriate activities are more likely to cause stress for children and have a negative impact on social interactions with other children.

Related Article:

Wooden blocks are always a hit with young children. Preschoolers will spend much more time running toy trucks through the paint mud puddles and observing the paint tracks on the paper than they would coloring a picture of a truck.

Best Bets for Unstructured Play for Preschool Playgroup Meetings

A box or laundry basket filled with dress up clothes, hats, boots, shoes, capes and wands will keep preschool meetings full of unstructured imaginary and creative play for a long time. If parents want to plan a preschool playgroup meeting around a theme, such as trucks or water play, it works to set up centers too. Children will be less stressed, use more creativity and practice more social interaction skills when parents set up age appropriate centers full of exploration opportunities.. By dabbing a few puddles of paint on the paper and adding a bucket of small trucks on the table, parents can create a more unstructured art activity. Preschool aged children will stay engaged longer in unstructured play activities that are suited to their developmental age level because their social and educational needs are being met


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Max Lyons

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I was given an impossible choice to make

. The Impossible Choice That Destroyed Me And My MarriageBy Helen Hignett for DivorcedMoms.comI stood there, not knowing what to say, with thousands of thoughts racing through my head.Did he really just say that? Did I hear him right? No, he wouldn’t. Yes, he did! And in the blink of an eye my world fell apart

NFL betting odds and lines for Week 5 of the 2015 season

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The Cardinals got upset at home by the Rams to fall to 3-1. The Lions are the only team in the NFL without a win and they will be trying to change that this week as a home underdog but it’s hard to have any faith in them.

Patriots -8 at Dallas Cowboys (O/U is 49.5)

The Cowboys really miss Tony Romo and they find themselves eight point underdogs this week at home against the 3-0 Patriots. He’s yet to have a losing season. Matt Ryan is 70-44 as a NFL starter. The Texans got ripped by the Atlanta Falcons to drop to 1-3 on the season. Eight out of the 14 games being played this week have one team being favored by at least five points or more. This is a good chance for Derek Carr to emerge as a winner for the Raiders but is he up to the task?

49ers +7 at New York Giants (O/U is 43)

The Giants had not trouble last week going into Buffalo and upsetting the Bills as decent sized underdogs. The Packers are undefeated at 4-0. Rex Ryan has always liked QBs who can run because he’s said they are the hardest to defend. Philip Rivers is 90-58 as a starting QB in the NFL, all with the San Diego Chargers.

Week 5 in the NFL is shaping up as a week with many clear favorites and underdogs. The Bengals are 4-0 but the Seahawks are better than any of the teams they beat. If you have to bet this game take the Texans because even if Andrew Luck plays he’s probably not healthy.

Seattle +1 at Cincinnati (O/U is 44.5)

The Seahawks got lucky and beat the Lions on Monday night but did not look like a great team without Marshawn Lynch. Here is a list of the NFL betting odds and lines for Week 5 of the 2015 season. Tyrod Taylor for the Bills has completed 71.7% of his passes this season. Alex Smith is 58-50-1 but only 1-3 this season. Good luck to all the NFL teams and especially the bettors this week!

Indianapolis even at Houston (O/U is N/A)

The odds and lines for the Thursday night NFL game are really up in the air due to the uncertainty regarding Andrew Luck. You always have to give QBs like Cutler a shot because of his arm and you’re getting 9.5 points but betting the Bears is not for the faint of heart.

Washington +8 at Atlanta (O/U is 47.5)

Hard to read the 2-2 Redskins so far this season but the 4-0 Falcons have looked pretty good. Joe Flacco is only 1-3 this season but his career record in the NFL is 73-43.

Buffalo -3 at Tennessee (O/U is 42.5)

Do you believe in Marcus Mariota as a starting QB in the NFL? If you do then take the points against Rex Ryan and the Bills this week. He was only 10-22 over the last two seasons, though, but now he’s 4-0 this season. Chip Kelly needs to turn things around quickly but can he do it with Sam Bradford as his QB?

Chicago +9.5 at Kansas City (O/U is 45.5)

Jay Cutler came back from injury and led the Bears to a 22-20 home win over the Raiders. On paper this week, though, the Eagles are the better team. Cutler is 62-60 as a NFL starter. The Colts managed to scrape by the Jaguars last week 16-13 but needed OT to win the game with 40 year old Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback. He’s yet to lead his team to a winning season. The Bears would not have won the game with Jimmy Clausen playing. That game is not listed for the over/under due to the status of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. This week, though, the Giants are favored by seven over the 49ers at home on Sunday night. The 49ers beat the Vikings at home in Week 1 but have lost their next three games by a combined score of 93-42.

Steelers +3 at Chargers (O/U is 45)

Michael Vick played well for the Steelers last week but they still lost in OT to the Ravens. All the over/unders are also listed except for the Thursday night game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans. Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning are not the best coach and QB in the league but they’re not bad as underdogs. The Raiders are 2-2 this season and playing hard for new head coach Jack Del Rio. Brandon Weeden’s record as a starting QB in the NFL is now 5-18. How does that happen? Until there is answer for that you have to be leery of the Buccaneers. Russell Wilson is 38-14 and he’s never had a losing season either.

St. The Rams are up against it trying to win at Lambeau but 9.5 points is a lot of points to give in the NFL.

Saints +5 at Philadelphia (O/U is 48.5)

Sam Bradford is now 19-33-1 as a starter in the NFL. His career record as a starting NFL QB is 17-35 and he’s 36 years old. Five games have one team favored by at least one touchdown this week.. Where exactly do the Cleveland Browns think Josh McCown is going to lead them? McCown is now 1-13 in his last 14 NFL starts. Drew Brees is 118-86 as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Tim Tebow not withstanding.

Jacksonville +3 at Tampa Bay (O/U is 42.5)

After posting a 81-63 record as a head coach in Chicago and getting the Bears to a Super Bowl, Lovie Smith is now just 3-17 in Tampa Bay. On the other hand, Blake Bortles is now 4-13 as a NFL starting quarterback for the Jaguars including 1-3 this season.

Arizona -3 at Detroit (O/U is 43.5)

The Lions could have beaten Seattle on Monday night but they make mistake after mistake on the field. Vick has a 59-51-1 record as a starting QB in the NFL but he’s just 6-14 since 2012. Eight points is a lot to give up but if you like the Redskins you are relying on Kirk Cousins and his 4-9 record as a NFL starter.

Cleveland +6.5 at Baltimore (O/U is 43.5)

Josh McCown played well last week for the Browns but they still lost their game. This week he gets to face a coach who specializes in confusing great quarterbacks let alone bad ones.

Denver -5.5 at Oakland (O/U is 43)

Peyton Manning is clearly on the downside of his career but he’s got the Broncos at 4-0 this season. Louis +9.5 at Green Bay (O/U is 46.5)

The Rams have wins over Seattle and Arizona and losses vs the Redskins and Steelers. Andy Dalton is now 44-23-1 as a starter in the NFL

How to Bet on Online Sports

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Max Lyons

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You cannot get any “tips to win sports betting” guide in any of your nearest book seller. They usually have one sport where they converge their efforts and money and then one or two others that they follow for enjoyment or variety.

It is mainly because you have to know the game and the team along with each player, their style and strength and then only you can bet on them. But what they don’t know is like any other business in this world, sports betting also needs dedication and efficiency if you want a good return from that. Getting the job done properly and launching a successful sport betting career as a wettanbieter is an entirely different matter. If it is so easy then there is no such word “lose” in the world of betting ever existed. The key, after all, isn’t some fancy strategy you got out of a book down at the shop. Most successful sports investors are not laying a wager on every match in the world. The keyword for sports betting; know the game, and bet. In this way you will be able to ease yourself into the big time and stay there once you’ve arrived. For more details go to: –

Actually it is your natural art of guessing that blend with experience and skill and gives you the correct result in betting. There are books on that subject but before believing in those tips just think, if the author knows everything about sports betting then why isn’t he doing money with that instead of writing books on it?

The first thing you should do: If you want to know how to bet sports is to learn about the different bookmakers and wettanbieter vergleich on the scene. This is essentially keeping a strong eye on the technical underpinnings of how to bet on sports. Finally: Once you have grasped the basic technicalities of placing a wager and learned your chosen team, you are ready to place live bets. You need to prepare to spend both time and money mastering how to bet on sports and win.

. Start simple and learn your own personal limits and quirks on the betting floor with wettbonus vergleich before risking any ample sum. After all, if you don’t know how to place a wager, then it’s very hard to win that game, isn’t it? The Second thing that you should try: Pick up a sport for your main betting. So sports betting is neither a kid’s task nor of a fool. They think it is it is a very easy task and even a fool can do it. Instead, they have specialized. Sports Betting, the very word is become so popular now a day that people sometime wonder how to exactly bet on sports. You should understand who the major players are and what their policies are for laying bets. Lots of practice and patience has to be there.

Now sport betting is not among those subjects that are taught in schools or colleges. Until you know them properly you cannot be confidence about their movements and actions. And if you are not confidence then you are the fool to bet


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Max Lyons

O dieta sanatoasa este foarte puternica in lupta impotriva obezitatii, diabetului, artritei, sindromului metabolic, bolilor de inima si depresiei. Dragnea i-a avertizat pe colegii din PSD s nu mearg alturi de fostul premier Liviu Dragnea le-a interzis colegilor din PSD s colaboreze cu Victor Ponta n afara partidului. Iata care sunt cei mai sanatosi pesti care contin omega3. Sensiblu 2+1 Cadou Sa daruiesti e cel mai frumos cadou pe care poti sa-l primesti! Cumpara doua produse de la Sensiblu, iar pe-al treilea ti-l oferim cadou!

Medicina naturist: mncarea ce poate vindeca cancerul Prima linie de aparare impotriva bolilor poate fi chiar mancarea pe care o consumi la cina. Hering Heringul este de multe ori conservat si servit ca aperitiv, insa il poti gati si la gratar sau la cuptor. John La Puma, sustine ca mancarea este cel mai bun mod de a preveni, a trata si chiar de a vindeca boli. Un alt social-democrat a nuanat cele ntmplate. O dietabuna poate chiar sa reduca riscul aparitiei cancerului

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Surse: Victor Ponta ar vrea s-i fac fundaie. Mai mult, acizii grasi omega3 ajuta la sanatatea inimii, scad nivelul trigliceridelor, tensiunea arteriala si previne aparitia placii pe arterele sangvine. Preedintele PSD a explicat i nainte q

Cei mai sanatosi pesti cu omega3 Cei mai sanatosi pesti cu omega3 Omega3 sunt acizi grasi esentiali pentru creierul uman si pentru functionarea propice a sistemului nervos. Invata cum poate dieta ta sa lupte impotriva bolilor de care iti e frica. Stiinta medicinei culinare combate boli precum cele de inima, cancerul, diabetul cu retete si mancaruri facute sa vindece. Ingrediente: 250 grame margarina 50 grame cacao 4 galbenusuri 6 albusuri 2 cani zahar 1 cana si de faina 1 praf de copt sare jumatate cana lapte Ingrediente pentru crema ganache (optional): 250 grame frisca lichida 250 grame ciocolata Mod de preparare: Prajitura negresa este o prajitura usor de preparat, foarte pufoasa si foarte fina, pe placul tuturor.Se vor pune pe foc margarina amestecata cu zahar, cacao si lapte si se va amesteca

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. Prajitura negresa se prepara usor, din ingrediente la indemana oricui si este un desert delicios ce va fi pe placul tuturor. A spus c l-a invitat pe Victor Ponta i a spus ceva de genul c nu este bine c i face o fundaie, a spus i erban Valeca, preedinte PSD Arge. Un pionier in acest domeniu, Dr. Mancarea e medicina aceasta este deviza medicinei culinare. Heringul nu contine doar omega3, ci si proteine, calciu, magneziu, potasiu, vitamin B-12 | Sfaturi zilnice pentru parinti cu copii inteligenti q

Prajitura negresa – Prajitura negresa este un desert pufos si fin, ce va reprezenta atractia mesei organizate indiferent de ocazia petrecerii sau a sarbatorii. Discuia pe aceast tem a avut loc la Turnu Mgurele, n absena fostului premier, susin mai muli social-democrai, potrivit Digi24. Nutritionistii si medicii recomanda o dieta care sa contina peste cel putin de doua ori pe saptamana, in special pesti care sa aiba omega3 in cele doua forme ale sale (DHA si EPA). Domnul preedinte era normal c, auzind c anumii minitri vor s mearg ntr-o fundaie a lui Ponta, de aici s-a pornit, ce rol are fundaia asta, e fundaia partidului?, a declarat Ctlin Rdulescu, preedintele PSD Diaspora

How to Buy a Quality Jew’s Harp

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Max Lyons

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A range to aim for is somewhere between $15 and $100.

How to Find a Quality Mouth Harp

Tracking down a mouth harp with reasonable playability and tone can be a challenge. In Eastern Europe and Russia, theyve got quite a long tradition of making really nice jaw harps, Berry remarks. You can spend as much as four hundred US dollars on a jaw harp over there.”

Most people relegate the jaw harp to the rhythm section, but as Berry explains, the tiny instruments can get melodic with just a little practice. First, the jaw harps tongue needs to be parallel with the bars of the frame–the less accurate the positioning of the tongue, the fuzzier the tone. There are people who have been making them for quite a few generations. You can sing through them and break the note up with a harmonic. You can breathe through it to get a tremolo effect. Comparing many mouth harps will allow a musician to get a feel for picking the instruments with the clearest tones.

How to Find a Jews Harp in the Right Key

The majority of Jews harps arent tuned to a particular key. No matter how a musician accentuates overtones to create different pitches, the fundamental drone will always be present.

The instruments simplicity may make forking out 20 bucks seem extreme. They resonate in different sinus cavities, so where you put your tongue, and how open your mouth is can take you from a pretty high pitched sound down to a low sound. Contrary to what musicians may think when confronted with the glut of $5 mouth harps, quality Jews harp playing really does require a quality Jews harp.

There are a few basic criteria to separate the instruments from the junk. This works fine when a musician is playing around on his own, but if he wants to join in with a jam, his Jews harps key is an important consideration.

On the bright side, beginners can pick up a nice mouth harp for a lot less than most other musical instruments. Its just one of those sounds I guess.

Unfortunately, this novelty appeal has all but relegated mouth harps to the realm of musical trinkets and toys. Recently its been making appearances in genres such as rock, pop, and alternative as well. Second, the tongue should be attached properly at the joint to prevent poor tone.

In related articles musicians can:

Read about the dan moithe traditional mouth harp of Southeast Asia.Find tips on how to play the Jews harp.Discover how a Jews harp player uses harmonics to create melody.Quotes obtained through conversation with Ron Berry, February 2010.VRS101

Even when playing simple rhythmic accompaniment, musicians need to be mindful of their jaw harps key.

The Jews harp, also known as the mouth harp, jaw harp, and trump, has found its niche in folk music from every part of the world. A clunk or no sound at all will indicate poor sustain. That note is the fundamental. Ron Berry, a mouth harp player and instrument maker from Australia, describes their appeal this way, You can pick them up and get a sound out of them straight away. They can determine the key by plucking the tongue and using a tuner to check the pitch. For a bit of bass, you can drop your Adams apple to let the sound resonate in your esophagus. Given the Jews harps appeal, its surprising that finding a well-made Jews harp can present such a challenge.

How to Find a Jews Harp Thats More Than Just a Toy

Jews harps are one of those novelty instruments that cant help bringing a smile. Theres quite a broad range of sounds you can get with them, he says. The fact is, a quality mouth harp has a lot of tweaking going on behind the scenes. I like to play them at the market and watch peoples eyes go wide as they walk past. Putting these effects together into a nice rhythm and using the overtones to make melodies is where it starts getting musical.

To check a mouth harps sound before purchase, a musician can pluck the tongue near his ear. Its a good bet the mouth harps readily available at music stores arent worth the money.

Alice Leading Name for Royal Baby, UK Betting Company Says

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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Max Lyons

Britains Prince William and Duchess Kate will welcome a blonde-haired girl named Alice on a Thursday in April, if bookmakers have their say.

The U.K.-based, online betting company Betfair announced yesterday the name Alice has overtaken the name Elizabeth as the most popular bet for William and Kate to name their next child after an unexpected rush of support for Alice over the last 24 hours.

The public love a royal announcement and were expecting the arrival to be the novelty betting heat of the year, Betfairs Cormac Dowling said in a statement.

William, 32, and Kate, 33, are expecting their second child in April.

The royal couple has revealed neither Kate’s exact due date nor the sex of their second child.

Betfair says that bets are evenly split over whether the new royal will be a boy or a girl, but girls names are leading the way in the betting for a name.

Alice is followed by Elizabeth and Charlotte and then Richard and James, to round out the top five.

The name Alice is in Williams royal lineage. George took over 70 percent of the bets prior to the birth, according to Betfair.

The 1-year-old prince’s full name is George Alexander Louis.

Another U.K.-based online betting and gambling company, Ladbrokes, says it has also seen a surge in support for the name Alice in recent days.

“A mystery gamble has developed on Alice in the last few days, and such is the support it’s now the joint favorite with Elizabeth at 5/1,” Ladbrokes spokeswoman Jessica Bridge told ABC News. The aunt of Williams grandmother, the Queen, was named Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. “Punters in the UK are desperate for Prince George to be joined by a little sister next month, and with a few weeks to go baby betting is booming.”

Ladbrokes held what it billed as the first-ever corgi race earlier this month to predict a baby name for Prince William and Kate.

In that race, the winner was Alexandra, though the odds-on favorite for the girls name had been Elizabeth, the namesake of the babys great-grandmother, and James for the boys, an 8 to 1 favorite.

Here is the full list of Royal Baby Odds as provided by Betfair.

Royal Baby Name

Alice 3/1

Elizabeth 5/1

Charlotte 11/2

Richard 10/1

James 12/1

Victoria 12/1

Arthur 12/1

Alexandra 12/1

William 14/1

Charles 14/1

Diana 14/1

Philip 14/1

Catherine/Kate 14/1

Mary 14/1

Henry 16/1

Frances 16/1

Alexander 20/1

Albert 20/1

Spencer 20/1

Christopher 20/1

Florence 25/1

Francis 25/1

Eleanor 25/1

Michael 25/1

Rose 25/1

Margaret 25/1

Ella 28/1

Alfred 33/1

Anne 33/1

Anthony 33/1

Ava 33/1

Caroline 33/1

David 33/1

Frederick 33/1

John 33/1

Philippa 33/1

Sarah 33/1

Amelia 40/1

Edward 40/1

Emily 40/1

Helen/Helena 40/1

Louis 40/1

Sophie 40/1

Andrew 40/1

Penelope 50/1

Carole 66/1

Jane 66/1

Louise 66/1

Robert 66/1

Stephanie 80/1

Camilla 100/1

Trevor 100/1

Raheem 500/1

Sepp 500/1

Hair color of baby

Blonde 6/4

Brown 7/4

Black 7/2

Red 5/1

Gender of baby

Male EVS

Female 8/11

Day of birth

Thursday 5/1

Friday 11/2

Monday 11/2

Tuesday 11/2

Wednesday 6/1

Saturday 6/1

Sunday 6/1

. She died nearly 11 years ago at the age of 102, according to the monarchys website.

Betfair says bookies got the name correct when Prince William and Duchess Kate had their first child, Prince George

Is it possible to get rich fast off sports betting?

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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Max Lyons

Of course, this is not really a practical bankroll management strategy, and nobody consistently wins 70% of their bets unless they only bet huge favorites, in which case they won’t be getting -110 on their bets. . And no illegal bookie is going to let you win $1 million off of him. You again win exactly 7 of 10 games, your total profit would be $494.45. Las Vegas is full of broke idiots who went on a winning streak for a little while and thought they were sports betting geniuses before crashing and burning.

If you repeat this pattern every week, winning 7 out of 10 games and increasing your bets by 33.6% each week, you’d have $1,000,000 in 29 weeks (or $1,157,668.65 to be exact). That’s a bankroll increase of about 33.6%.

And yes, you’d probably have to move to Las Vegas to execute such a plan. The next week, you increase your bets by 33.6%, so instead of betting $110 on each of 10 games, you’re betting $147 on each game. He’ll ban you or break your kneecaps a long time before you reach that amount.

Now your total bankroll is $1470. Your new total bankroll would be $1964.45. Sounds like a math exercise to me. I suppose it would be possible to pull it off on an online casino, but getting your money out is such a hassle that you may not get the money you should, and you might not get it in a timely fashion (it could take years to get it all out in small increments). In 31 weeks, you’d have over $2 million. Assuming every bet was at a line of -110 (you must bet $110 to win $100, that would be a profit of $370 ($700 won minus $330 lost). So betting limits don’t matter so much, since almost any major casino will take $10,000 bets.

And FYI, the numbers work out the same if you bet half the amount of twice the games and win exactly 70%, or 1/4 the amount on 40 games, and so on and so on.

Say you started with a bankroll of $1100, and bet on $110 per game on 10 games per week, and won exactly 7 of them every week

Research shows U.S. could dominate global legalized sports betting market

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

The NCAA also remains adamantly opposed to legalizing sports betting.

. “We continue to support a federal legislative solution that would protect the integrity of the game while allowing those who engage in sports betting to do so in a legal manner.”

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has said a “fresh approach” to sports betting is needed. On Tuesday, New Jersey Gov.

With an estimated $95 billion expected to be bet — mostly illegally — on NFL and college football this season, research shows that a legal sports betting market in the United States would be the largest in the world and could potentially generate as much annual revenue as the NFL itself.

Calling the U.S. And some of the sports leagues have softened their stance on legalizing sports betting, with the NBA leading the way.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has called for Congress to create a federal framework that could be adopted by states interested in offering legal sports betting.

“We agree with the Third Circuit’s decision reaffirming that the appropriate path to legal sports betting is through Congress,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said in a statement after the most recent court decision in the New Jersey case. ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell estimates the NFL’s total annual revenue to be more than $12 billion.

The American Gaming Association issued a release Wednesday estimating Americans will bet $95 billion on NFL and college football this season, with less than four percent of the money believed to be wagered legally.

“Illegal sports betting is reaching new heights of popularity in America,” Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association, said in the release. “It’s clear that a federal ban on traditional sports betting outside of Nevada is failing.”

Currently, Nevada is the only state allowed under federal law to offer a full menu of sports betting, including single-game wagering, the most popular form in the U.S. In 2014, Nevada sportsbooks won $227.04 million, an all-time record, according to gaming control.

New Jersey has been trying to bring legalized sports betting to its struggling casinos and racetracks for three years, but was sued by the NCAA, NFL and other professional sports leagues and recently lost in federal appeals court for the second time. sports betting market a “sleeping giant,” global gaming research firm GamblingCompliance projects that a fully developed legal American market — where bets are placed at casino, online and at retail bookmaking shops — would produce $12.4 billion in annual revenue.

That’s more than five times bigger than the United Kingdom’s regulated sports betting market and more than 11 times greater than Italy’s gambling revenue.

In comparison, NFL teams shared more than $7.2 billion in league revenue in the 2014 fiscal year. The NFL remains opposed, but is studying the issue privately and has sat down with the American Gaming Association to discuss sports betting, according to sources. Chris Christie filed a petition for a rehearing with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

In 2015, six states — Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, South Carolina and Texas — have considered sports betting bills

“I’m not pro sports gambling. I’m just a realist.”

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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Max Lyons

“I am very sensitive to people thinking that I’m not understanding of the downsides,” he says. Chris Christie, who in 2012 began pushing to legalize sports betting in his state by challenging the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992, the federal ban on state-sponsored sports betting. “I recognize that it can be very damaging to a person or a person’s family, just like other substances of potential abuse taken to extremes. On the one side are those who tell you that’s the way it’s always been done, and on the other are those who urge you to change and adapt.

The bald 52-year-old man in glasses and a conservative dark suit doesn’t look like an agent of change — especially with the 1970s soul music playing in the background on the set at a recent photo shoot for The Mag. “I felt the need to explain why I had made other statements acknowledging that I thought sports betting should be legalized,” Silver says. … The “defendant,” “Ginger McKenna,” was accused of facilitating illegal sports bets. That’s yet another reason I think it needs to be closely monitored.”

Silver says he hasn’t set a timetable for the day when we can legally bet on a Cavaliers-Heat game. It saw how all that interest, as well as action from illegal offshore betting sites, fueled NBA fandom, and it realized it needed to have a seat at the table — the better to monitor and monetize those burgeoning passions. gaming laws, including PASPA and the Wire Act, which prohibits any betting activity that includes wire transmissions. But the timing of the op-ed allowed him to address another seeming hypocrisy: Just one day prior to its publication, the league announced a deal with a successful daily fantasy operator called FanDuel, which boasted some $621 million in entry fees last year alone. Once again, the leagues sued and won.

SPORTS IS AN ongoing contest between two forces: tradition and innovation. team owners. have assigned people in their organizations to study the issue intensively.”

PERHAPS THE BEST Silver can hope for from other commissioners is a new view of sports betting as a possible “frenemy.” It is tricky, after all, for the leagues to embrace something they’ve long denounced for its impact on the “integrity of the game.” It would also be naive to think that this is all about the sanctity of the results. That’s the pragmatic approach.”

The evolution of Silver as gambling realist in many ways began in 2006, after he took over the league’s international operations as deputy commissioner. All of them have assigned people to study the issue intensively.

” — NBA commissioner Adam Silver Nine months later, on a cold January afternoon on the 19th floor of league headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, with Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing” playing, Silver is loose and joking, all the while being prepped for his cover shoot. And someone who’s a realist in the business. Just 88 days into his tenure as NBA commissioner, on April 29, 2014, Silver banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling in a four-minute proclamation on national TV, his willingness to stand alone in full view.

“I have talked to the other commissioners about it. Actually establishing a legal framework is another. I needed a forum to make it clear.”

In November 2011, New Jersey voters had overwhelmingly approved a referendum to legalize Las Vegas-style sports betting at racetracks and casinos across the state. “We’re still in the monitoring stage,” he says. Or on Silver, who gained extensive knowledge of foreign revenue models during his time overseas. “Yet at the same time, we were opposing the New Jersey legislation in multiple court actions. That’s when Silver says he began to realize the need for a response. “The league and many of our teams are actively engaged in the so-called daily fantasy business,” Silver says. I will say that certainly all of them … “We have studied the New Zealand model and other models in other jurisdictions,” he says.

Studying models is one thing. But you can bet all interested parties — the other leagues, the states, the bookmakers, the bettors — are following the developments as closely as they would a point spread.

. “We did everything possible to encourage it while publicly condemning gambling. 13, 2014, editorial in The New York Times, penned by new commissioner Adam Silver: I believe that sports betting should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated. “And while I wouldn’t categorize that as sports betting, on the continuum of no betting at all and legalized betting, it’s certainly on the spectrum.”

So it is, then, that for now, at least, Silver seems comfortable standing alone as the only acting U.S. “One of my concerns is that I will be portrayed as pro sports betting,” he says. Congress should adopt a federal framework that allows states to authorize betting on professional sports, subject to strict regulatory requirements and technological safeguards.”

The timing of the column, of course, was calculated. “Then we began getting approached by sports-betting companies outside of the United States, where it’s legal, to do business with them. The best way for the league to monitor our integrity is for that betting action to move toward legal betting organizations, where it can be tracked. (One study by Nevada gaming company Club Cal Neva projected a possible windfall of $50 million for Atlantic City casinos if betting was legalized.) But the leagues — the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB — and the NCAA sued, claiming that the state was in violation of PASPA and that the perception of the integrity of the games would be damaged if New Jersey began taking legal bets.

U.S. And publicly, it did. was “inevitable” because cash-strapped states need the revenue.

THEN CAME SILVER’S op-ed. Specifically, New Jersey Gov. So were politicians. commissioner to publicly support legalized sports gambling. And in New Zealand, sportsbook giant TAB paid more than $5 million last year in commissions to the leagues it takes wagers on. While the NBA is still fighting in the courts to keep New Jersey from setting up its own sports-betting operation, three other states (New York, Indiana and South Carolina) have introduced similar bills this year, and a Minnesota state representative, Phyllis Kahn, has told ESPN that she’ll be introducing a sports-betting proposal early in this legislative session.

A united front among all the leagues would certainly help Silver’s cause for a federal solution. The NBA deal also included an equity stake in the company. District Judge Michael Shipp ruled in favor of the leagues. But the state didn’t give up. Billions of dollars are being illegally wagered on sports, almost all online. The move made sense to many in New Jersey, where ailing gaming and racing industries were causing financial strain. Attorney Harris Fischman examined major U.S. “In light of these domestic and global trends,” he wrote, “the laws on sports betting should be changed. Deitch prevailed.

In September, Silver told an audience at a Bloomberg sports business conference that expanded legalized sports betting in the U.S. A 2007 letter signed by all general counsels of the major sports leagues and the NCAA, including NBA vice president Rick Buchanan, stated, “The harms caused by government endorsement of sports betting far exceed the alleged benefits.”

Privately, though, the league was watching — closely — as the Vegas market and legal daily fantasy sites were growing exponentially. “I can tell you that this is the most serious situation and worst situation that I have ever experienced either as a fan of the NBA, a lawyer for the NBA or a commissioner of the NBA.” That was the lament of then-commissioner David Stern during a July 24, 2007, news conference announcing that referee Tim Donaghy was under federal investigation for betting on games. She was represented by Ifrah, while David Deitch, a former Justice Department attorney, represented the government. You don’t have to be a cynic to think that the leagues and their owners want a piece of that very big betting pie.

Leave it to Mark Cuban to be frank about that aspect of the NBA’s support for legalization.

This story appears in ESPN The Magazine’s Feb. “As someone who attends an enormous number of games, I’m often hearing fans talking about it,” Silver says. He’s relaxed, though not unguarded. The other leagues have — at least publicly — not wavered from their anti-legalization stance after the op-ed. The illegal market across sports? Try 132 times that — an estimated $138.9 billion, according to the American Gaming Association. As we became more of a global company, I began to think about what our policy should be here.”

His time overseas coincided with the Donaghy scandal and the revelation, as Silver puts it, “of how important it is to have a way of monitoring irregular activity in our games.” He adds, “None of the systems we had in place had captured any betting by Donaghy.”

Stern began thinking along the same lines. Gary Bettman, the longtime commissioner of the NHL, told CNN in November after Silver’s op-ed was published: “I think there needs to be some attention paid to what sports is going to represent to young people. The case is headed to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals this spring.

Through it all, Silver has remained steadfast that legal sports gambling should be addressed first on the federal, not state, level. In 516 words, he diagnosed the reality of sports betting in the U.S.: Federal and state laws are not stopping anyone from betting. “My greatest concern,” he says, “is that there will be, in essence, a hodgepodge of regulations controlling sports betting that will vary from state to state, jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and will make it increasingly difficult to monitor betting on our very own sport.”

And so after taking over for Stern last February, Silver wasted little time implementing his approach. But Adam Silver has proved otherwise. Does it become a vehicle for betting, which may in effect change the atmosphere in the arenas?”

But multiple sources with direct knowledge of meetings between the leagues believe the NHL is much more open to legalization than Bettman’s comments indicate. There also have been other, more private confabs involving high-ranking advisers to the leagues. In March, two NBA attorneys attended a mock sports-betting trial put on by gaming attorney Jeff Ifrah at iGaming North America at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. But I think that league policy was formulated at a time when gambling was far less widespread — even legally.”

With the proliferation of casinos and state lotteries, the instant gratification of the Internet and the boom in daily fantasy sports, betting was becoming part of mainstream America. In September 2014, citing a loophole in the Department of Justice’s language about violations to PASPA, Christie issued a directive to legalize. The title of the exercise? “As Close as You Ever Want to Get to a Federally Prosecuted Sports Betting Trial.” In it, Assistant U.S. “Even if they’re not betting, they’re highly aware of the betting line and over/unders.”

Fans weren’t the only ones talking about it. “As we began to stage exhibition games in Europe and China and jurisdictions where sports betting was legal, it caused me to focus more on this than I had historically,” Silver says. In 2009, the then-commissioner told Sports Illustrated, when asked if legal sports betting would be in the NBA’s best interest, “It has been a matter of league policy to answer that question no. It studied and researched and planned behind closed doors before it made its move. And the NHL and MLB are both currently partnered with daily fantasy sports operator DraftKings.

In the meantime, Silver is willing to take the lead on an issue that some liken to the legalization of marijuana — socially acceptable but mostly illegal. MLB declined to comment for this story, and the NFL refused to even reiterate its anti-legalization stance. 16 Gambling Issue. One week later, the NBA was due back in court as part of its ongoing fight to prevent New Jersey from making sports betting legal. In those meetings, sources with direct knowledge say, contingency plans were formed in preparation for the day sports betting is legal outside of Nevada.

When asked about the support he’s getting from other leagues, Silver says, “I have talked to the commissioners in the other leagues about it, and I leave it to them to make any public statements they want to make on it. It could have continued to treat sports betting as the enemy that for as long as anyone could remember had threatened the very fabric of the game.

The opportunity for additional streams of capital from sports betting can’t be lost on U.S.

The Donaghy revelation became the ugliest gambling scandal to hit an American professional sport since at least Pete Rose’s banishment from baseball in 1989 and perhaps since the Black Sox threw the 1919 World Series. “But I view myself more as pro transparency. In 2013, $1.05 billion was wagered legally on basketball, combining the professional and college levels. In some areas of Australia, for example, sportsbooks pay fees to leagues based on the gross revenue made off the wagering of the games. In that dark moment, the NBA could very well have hunkered down and waited for the dawn. I’m glad Adam is putting the hypocrisy behind us and putting it all up front.”

Cuban has suggested that one way of monetizing that interest is to charge sportsbooks and casinos licensing fees to use the league’s data. “We have always known betting, fantasy leagues and daily [fantasy] sports have driven interest and viewership,” wrote the Mavericks’ owner in a recent email exchange with The Magazine. In England, bets can be placed on a smartphone, at a stadium kiosk or even using a TV remote control. In September 2012, the NFL convened a forum in collaboration with other pro leagues, the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA to discuss best practices, law enforcement resources and the gambling industry. But that’s not to say he and the NBA are the only ones re-examining their approach. Included in the forum, which wasn’t open to the public, were talks with law enforcement officials, gaming regulators, addiction specialists and even a former student-athlete caught up in sports gambling. He spent time overseas growing the NBA’s brand, giving him a vantage point to see how legalized gambling worked in other countries. And when it did, it was not subtle.

The NBA’s pivot point on legalized gambling appeared in a Nov. Regardless of public positioning, all the leagues are actively planning for a new gambling reality. Subscribe today!

THE NBA’S DARKEST hour can actually be marked by a single moment, concentrated down to the uttering of a sentence