Research and Markets: Research Report – Global Online Gambling & Betting Market 2014

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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Max Lyons

Europe has been a leader in adopting regulation regarding online

gambling, but as the activity spreads, new measures are being enacted.

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- Paddy Power

The regulatory landscape on online gambling and betting is varied. However, offshore gambling websites

are popular among Brazilian gamblers, who spend several hundreds of EUR

million annually on offshore sports betting sites.

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Trends in online gambling and betting.

. For example, a quarter of poker

players chose to bet on unregulated networks.

- 888 Holdings

Regulation of online gambling and betting in Germany and Russia lag some

of their neighbours. The

majority of Western European countries have some laws in place to

channel online gambling and betting. In the USA, online gambling is legal only in three states

and in many Asian countries gambling and betting is allowed only in

casino resorts.

The major trends in online gambling and betting globally are mobile and

social gambling. Mobile gambling is expected to grow at double-digit

rates and to reach over 40% of the total online gambling market by 2018,

as the number of mobile gambling users increases by a hundred million.

Regional variations in legislation and acceptance of online gambling and


Online gambling is only starting to emerge in Africa. This ensures that the

content of the original studies is correctly interpreted.

In the largest Latin American market, Brazil, gambling and betting is

forbidden except for horse racing. In

Australia, which leads the world in terms of per person gambling, online

sports betting and gambling has been growing by over 30% annually, while

the growth of the total gambling market does not exceed 5%.

- The authors provide secondary market research: By using various

sources of information they ensure maximum objectivity for all obtained

data. In North America and major Asian

countries online real-money games are yet awaiting progress in

regulation. The global online gambling market has a current value

estimated at a medium double digit number in billions of Euros, with

growth expected between +7 and 10% annually in the next few years.

- PokerStars

- William Hill Online

The leading online gambling and betting companies worldwide include

PokerStars, Bwin.Party, William Hill Online, each of which annually

generate online revenues of over EUR 0.5 billion.

In North America, online gambling was legalized in three US states by

early 2014, with online gambling revenues surging to millions in the

first months of legal operation.

- Betfair Group

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Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2014 depicts the latest trends

and developments in the field. As a result companies get a precise and unbiased impression of the

market situation.

Product Information:

- Ladbrokes

- The analyses, statistical reports and forecasts are only based on

reliable sources including national and international statistical

offices, industry and trade associations, business reports, business and

company databases, journals, company registries and news portals.

- The author’s international employees research and filter all sources

and translate relevant information into English. In

South Africa, online gambling awaits legalization in 2014.

The spread of online betting and gambling is forcing governments to act

to regulate. Total online gambling revenue in Italy

recently reached a high number in hundreds of millions of Euros, with

poker constituting the largest segment.

- Bwin.Party

In France, online gambling and betting has been legal since 2010, but

many gamblers turn to illegal sites. Among the findings of the reports

researchers is that the online gambling and betting segment is

increasing, enhanced by the spread of smartphones and tablet computers. Progress in online betting regulation in Germany is

expected in 2014, as several operators have applied for the first online

sports betting licenses.

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has announced the addition of the “Global

Online Gambling Betting Market 2014″ report to their


Online gambling and betting is spreading in the Asia-Pacific region.

The authors observe: while land-based lottery and casinos still dominate

the gambling scene, online real-money gambling and betting are growing


Italy has one of the most advanced regulatory arrangements regarding

online gambling in Europe. The first

regulated online gambling website in Kenya was launched in 2013

The History of the Chanel 2.55 Bag

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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Max Lyons

Chanel used a running stitch, quilting the bag in a diamond or herringbone pattern, according to Stephanie Pendersen, in Handbags, What Every Woman Should Know, and introduced pockets into the bag, another passion of Mademoiselle Chanel’s. Interestingly, the double chain is said to be based on her experiences as a child, in an orphanage, where the caretakers would dangle keys from their waist.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Reissue Chanel 2.55 Bag

Today the Chanel 2.55 purse is just as much an It bag as it always was. However, according to, the term Reissue is now conveniently applied to other versions, since 2005, and refers to all later types of Chanel 2.55, with original Mademoiselle fastenings. Expect to pay upwards of $2500. Bagborroworsteal offers a large number of Chanel 2.55s for rent including a vintage Chanel 2.55 at £163 (approximately US $320) per week for members, or £480 (around US $960) per month.

Chanel 2.55 Art in Central Park

New York’s Central Park is hosting a Chanel Mobile Art exhibition between October 12 and November 9, 2008. The 2.55 contains a secret pocket inside the front flap, where is it claimed that in her original, Coco Chanel hid love letters received from a beau.

The Introduction of the Chain Strap

The Chanel 2.55 bag was one of the most revolutionary of its time due to the introduction of a chain strap, enabling women to carry their purse on their arm instead of in their hand. If you hanker after an original 2.55 and your budget does not allow it, then for a very special occasion, try the new craze in designer bags for hire. In 2005 , in celebration of the bag’s 50th anniversary, Karl Lagerfeld (who took over creative leadership of the Chanel fashion house in 1983) revived the design exactly as Mademoiselle Chanel had made it, and the reissue proved even more popular than its original, according to Caz Moss, in her Female First article “Chanel 2.55 Handbag.”

During the 1980s, a Chanel bag was the most coveted status symbol, according to Anna Johnson in her book Handbags, the Power of the Purse. At this time, when socialites were busy holding their glasses of champagne, eating canapés, and reading their theatre programmes, Chanel recognized a need for women to have their hands free.

The most significant difference between what is known as the Reissue, compared to other recent versions of the 2.55, is that the true Reissue (made in 2005 to commemorate the anniversary) has the original Mademoiselle lock (and an all chain handle) rather than the interlocking two C’s of Chanel, which were introduced in the ’80s. Whilst today, it has been updated in various guises (including the fastenings) the iconic Chanel 2.55 is still instantly recognizable, and remains one of the world’s most sought after bags. Twenty international artists pay homage to Chanel and Karl Lagrefeld by showcase their work, inspired by the iconic Chanel 2.55 bag. After becoming tired of holding her own bags in her hands, and losing them, Chanel added thin chain straps “I know women — give them chains, women adore chains,” she said, in deciding the nature of the strap. With its famous quilting, the 2.55 is based on the quilted coats worn by boys at the race track, as Coco Chanel’s designs were influenced by her love of horse racing. However, Coco Chanel, herself had a very refreshing attitude to copies of her famous designs: “I would shed tears the day no one copied me.”. According to, the Chanel 2.55 is one of the two designer bags stylish women of the world should know about; the other is the Hermès Birkin.

The History of the Chanel 2.55 Bag

The Chanel 2.55 bag has inspired many imitations. The bag takes its name from the year of its birth, 1955 and is made from silk, lambskin, calfskin or fur, in a combination of colors. The Chanel Mobile Art exhitibition is part a worldwide tour taking in a number of countries across Europe and Asia.

Iconic Designer Bags

The Chanel 2.55 bag is one of a long line of classic handbags which join the ranks of iconic purses such as the Fendi Baguette, Hermès Birkin and Kelly, and the new-kid-on-the block, the Gucci Indy bag.

Lagerfeld Launched the 2.55 Reissue in 1985Carried on arms of the rich and famous the world over, the Chanel 2.55 chain bag represents the epitome of style and the ultimate status symbol. Bags with an interlocking CC fastening are labelled Classic Flaps.

Prices to Buy or Rent

Prices for this iconic bag vary depending on size and fabric, and in which country you buy it

The New Billionaires by Kadence Buchanan

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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Max Lyons

Other new billionaires include Vijay Mallya, a liquor mogul and the brains behind Kingfisher beer, and Tulsa Tanti, the owner of Asia’s largest windfarm.

There were also 10 women who were included among the 102 new billionaires in 2006, but only six of them were self-made.

Based on a recent report released by Forbes, becoming a billionaire these days is not as hard as it used to be. Combined, these 793 men and women have a net worth of $2.6 trillion.

What is stunning is that just three years ago, Forbes could only point to 476 billionaires worldwide, which means that their number has nearly doubled in a three-year span. Ayre now sits behind a virtual business empire called the Bodog Entertainment Group that has become a mainstream, multi-channel organization. Contrast that to the magazine’s inaugural list of only 140 billionaires 20 years ago, and you can easily see how so many individuals have reached the billion-dollar plateau in recent years compared to the last two decades.

For the twelfth straight year, Bill Gates continues to be the richest man in the world with a net worth of $50 billion, according to the authoritative Forbes magazine, the business world’s bible of wealth and fortune. Microsoft’s founding father may be less active in the corporate world these days, but he still sits comfortably at the top of the hill as the inspiration and subject of envy of all would-be billionaires.. Economic observers note that the road to riches has now taken on a different look. The publication reveals that there are now a record 793 billionaires around the world, compared to 691 in 2005, with an average net worth of $3.3 billion. For his efforts, Ayre recently landed on the cover of Forbes magazine.

Another notable new billionaire is Anurag Dikshit, who, like Ayre, made his fortune from online gaming when he and two others went public with their company ParyGaming poker in London in June 2006. Ayre set up in 1995 as a sports betting site which later on added casino horse-racing and poker, and has parlayed that into what has become America’s largest sports betting destination now valued at over $1 billion. And perhaps nowhere is that more evident than when you consider new billionaire Calvin Ayre, a jet-setting Canadian playboy who started making his fortune 10 years ago by taking illegal bets over the Internet in Costa Rica

Online Sports Betting in America Should Be Legal? – Louisville Horse Racing

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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While working for as a website developer, I often wonder this myself. Typically, the individual states can decide what types of gambling they want to allow online or offline with the exception of major league sports.. All of the big changes were set to take place by May 2012. After all, some people do become addicts. Nevertheless, there are plenty of voices that want to legalize betting online and offline for very different reasons.

The state of gambling in the US

The fight against legalizing gambling

The future of online sports betting

In 2010, the State of California was looking to expand betting laws. The wheels of change may have been slow, but lawmakers will not be able to stall forever. Primarily, organized crime in the early 1900′s would often throw the games in order to keep money that gamblers placed on a certain sports team. Overseas, the World Trade Organization is wondering why America will not comply with treaties that state all forms of betting will be legal in the United States.

Reasons gambling should be legal

In other words, it is time for America to come to grips with sports betting online and offline. Until then, internet service providers will be the reluctant gatekeepers to illegal and legal forms of online sports betting.

However, after examining the outcome of online betting for major league sports in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia, American lawmakers are starting to wonder why they are forced to loose out on crucial gambling related revenue.

For example, has quotes from proponents on the team sports gambling issue. In Kentucky, 87% of voters think that gambling laws should be expanded. A law against sports betting was developed in 1992, and it is usually referred to as the Bradley Act. On the other hand, betting on horses is almost always allowed anywhere online in the United States. In particular, California State Senator, Roderick Wright, says, “Making sports betting legal protects bettors from fraud, theft.” Gary Payne from the International Sports Betting Association states, “Sports betting already happens; government might as well regulate it.”

Throughout America, the big question is whether online sports betting in America should be legal. Their answers regarding whether sports betting in America should be legal may surprise you.

Due to a troublesome past, the Federal government limits the types of betting that can be conducted. Instead, the Kentucky Governor is interested in collecting gambling tax revenues.

Technically, some states already have the right to bet on any sports. In particular, betting on sports like the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB are generally prohibited in all 50 states. The executive director of this organization, Les Bernal, states that, “sports betting erodes the integrity of sports.” University of Illinois professor, John Warren, says that, “sports betting means crime, addiction, and costs for taxpayers.” Nonetheless, it appears that online betting on sports of any type may be legalized soon despite proponents for and against it.

As the tides are turning, organizations that are for and against gambling are making their way into news headlines. Sadly, California lawmakers did not follow through on their promises until 2013. Despite gambling issues, America is starting to accept online betting as a legal entertainment source that strengthens tax coffers. The Southern Baptist Convention stands firm in saying that expanding gambling laws in Kentucky will negatively affect families.

Contributing to this idea, a Kentucky organization called Stop Predatory Gambling says that current laws are already creating a “lottery class” of citizens with the one in five playing the game. Because it promotes tax dollars, some states are taking the issue of legalizing all forms of gambling to the Supreme Court.

In the state of Kentucky, Governor Steve Brashear is respectfully declining to honor the wishes of the Southern Baptist Convention in regards to banning gambling. A loophole in this law mean that states that have casinos, like New Jersey, may be able to legalize gambling on sports in the near future. Also called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, betting on sports was banned with the exceptions of Montana, Oregon, Delaware and Nevada

The Ultimate Forerunner

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Max Lyons

Max Lyons

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A person’s physical space is a reflection of their mental plane. If it is a cluttered workspace there is a high probability that the mind is cluttered too. When I walk into a person’s home or office, the state of what I encounter gives me insight into what’s happening in their mind. I do not question these intuitive feelings anymore. That is part of the intrigue as it keeps me wondering what unexpected thing will happen again.

Author’s Bio: 

Cleaning out the cobwebs in your mind towards re-alignment is fundamental to your success and even more so to stay ahead of the game.

The ultimate forerunner thinks with agility and clarity because they have cleared the cobwebs from their internal and external worlds. Intuition comes through our body.

I am aware that diet, exercise, sleep and rest are but some things I can do to look after my physical body. Both worlds are aligned and in sync so creativity and tapping into the inner resources of the wellspring within you is possible.

We are time poor today as life hastens past us. The stress of completing my tasks piles up again.

Sylvia Fernandes is the Founder CEO of VIA Frontiers. For me, it’s the quickest way to get out of my mind into my body. Forerunners have a knack for calling the future and almost like in a game of poker, betting on the scenario. Prayer, yoga and meditation re-balance me on the spiritual plane. My body is tuned in to direct me to what I need to pay attention to. Those who are not in sync fall behind and the rate of suicide heightens.

In the opposite case when negative emotions are present and still actively ruling the person, there is a strong chance that the mind-body connection is yielding some build up to dis-ease.

Once the cobwebs are cleared from the past it is just as important to see the future. “Re-align, re-align” I tell myself or I will be moving towards dis-ease with myself.

We can only tap into our intuition if we have cleansed our mind-body-spirit on various levels. If anything they were unexpectedly slain never to return to the series again. I feel an earthquake in my chest when a message is coming in. It could be that I am merely in conversation with someone but I need to pay attention to the message.

People are unable to cope with the stress of life, the speed with which things are coming at us. They are able to see the future clearly as they are deeply connected to their internal self, which runs on intuition.

I am aware that I need to pay attention to my mind-body-spirit connection. She is currently based in Singapore. I just act on them immediately.

Back in the workplace it is just as interesting to watch what makes the ultimate winner stand ahead of the rest? We have the high flyers who move fast and the slow and steady performers who gain momentum as they step deeper into their identity.

As the plot thickens in Game of Thrones season after season I wonder who the eventual victor will be. By this I mean the negative emotions that are formed from past experience have been cleared. I know it is a sign to leave the place I am in. While there seemed to be obvious winners when I first started watching the series, they didn’t turn out to be the victors. Music, mind games and self-development programs help me understand my mind better. As efficient as I am, crossing out ten items on my to-do list only brings on a continuous stream of a further ten things I need to attend to. How do you think with clarity if your internal world is filled with cobwebs?. She is also the author of Bye Bye Black Cat – Turn Your Luck Around to Realise Opportunities – to be launched on the 9th October 2014. Am I in sync when I feel stressed? What aspect have I not attended to? Most often when I feel I am overloaded in my mind, I drop everything I am doing, put my runners on and go down to the gym for a run on the treadmill. Some of us keep up and others struggle with difficulty. One plane being connected to the other, I know I need to strike a delicate balance in all three.

Alternatively when I am in danger I feel a knot in my tummy. She has been conducting corporate training and consulting to create effective people in the Asia Pacific Region for the last 12 years