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Written by  on April 30, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

What do you think?

What is something you can find inside of most Casinos?

How do you figuer how men sits of 6′s are in 6 set’s of 3′s

How often do you go to the casinos? How much money do you take to play with?

Can you think of bingo phrases for every # from 1 through 90?

When was the last time you visited a casino?

When new casino is built in a city, is their an increase in the crime an unemployment rate?

Why is the number of casinos increasing in the US?

Which states outlaw Native Americans casinos?

How can it be justified to make counting cards illegal?

Everyone has their little myths about how to hit it big at the Casino. Should I encourage her?

Suggest me how to play poker? I got related information on But i needed more Please help

I want to win a Black jack please help? related information i founded on but required more

What is W-2G form and how it’s related to online casinos?

slot machine myths or misconceptions – Are they really harmful?

What do you mean by featured slot machines?

Im playing omaha Im dealt A-K-5-2 the flop comes out 2-2-2 what is the highest hand I can have?

Have you ever had successes in gambling that were followed by crippling losses? Did you stop gambling?

Do you have to raise your bet if you call a split while playing Black Jack? . Which table do you go to first?

How much does it cost to stay at a normal casino/hotel?

In sports betting, which events have the best odds?

How can I be assured that an online casino won’t just scam me?

How do I place my bets in an online casino?

What games can I expect to find at an online casino?

What is the safest way to gamble besides freestyle gambling?

In casinos, what is the “Pai Gow” game?. do you know where i would be able to buy a casino die that hasn’t had the dots filled with the material? thank you

How much you spend monthly in gambling and you prefer online or to go to casino?

Has anyone hit it big at a casino? I would love to know.

Which casino is nicer Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun?

What two factors make Internet Gambling seem less real then live casino gambling?

Is FREE $100 Walmart Best Buy Gift Cards worth it at this site or not?

How do you play the card game ‘pontoon’, and how can I improve my playing ability?

Does anyone gamble and have you won anything big?

How do I choose an online casino?

For Britons: what do you think of Britain’s first Super Casino being huilt in Manchester? Do you think it was a good or bad thing to do?

What game do you play at the casino? and how much do you rake in on average?

You’re given ?200 to spend in a casino. now?

Have you win a lot in Las Vegas?

Casinos routinely expel people who are card-counters (which is legal), and cheaters (which is illegal) in order to maintain their profits. Do you gamble better sober, tipsy, or drunk?

Let it Ride or 3 Card Poker?

Do you like to play baccarat?

What are some things you would find in a gambling casino?

While working a probability problem over in the Math section, I got a notion for a casino game. Usual payouts are 1.3-3.0x.Will I run into payout issues

At any casino are you allowed to become an authorized user on someone else’s card if you already have one of your own?

Have you ever been kicked out of casino?

When at casino what is the best type gambling option if you want to win more than you lose?

What do those 3 letter codes mean on the scratchers

Why was James Bond surrounded by beautiful women at casinos?

Why are you looking at my playing cards?

Would you rather go to the casino by yourself or with your friends/family?

Do you know any gamblers that are good at it?

What casino game is the most fun?

Why do I have to take off my Bluetooth headset while I’m playing at the casinos?

Could anyone give me some advice on how to choose an online casino?

Qualcuno potrebbe darmi qualche consiglio su come scegliere un casino online?

In a typical modern casino, how many of the tables and slots are “fixed?”

How often do you use your casino club cards?

Have you ever went to casino for your birthday?

Is it legal to videotape or take pictures at the casino?

How often do you visit the casino?

Do you have money to go to casino?

Do casinos do backroom beatdowns on card counters?

Would you be a good Cooler?

Where can you play rummy online in India and are there are any cash tournaments held?

Is there a formula for rolling 7′s every time?

Are casinos good for society? If so, why?

When was the last time you went to a casino? Why?

You’re going to casino without me?!

Do I have to be 18 to go to casino?

What casino place that required 18 and older?

Have you ever been to Pechanga Resort and Casino?

What do you like about casino?

Are you going to casino tonight?

Do you always win at casinos?

Are you good at playing any casino games?

I’m going to casino. Would you agree that the only sure-fire way to win at a Casino is not to play? At least you go home with the money you came with, right?

How honest are online gambling sites?

Your favorite chips? plastic vs edible…

How to play and win Blackjack?

If you hear that people are not allowed to gamble in their own town, only the tourists can, would this shock you?

Going to the casino soon. Do you think casinos privately regard the other gamblers (who lose more than they win) as suckers?

Have you ever won money by gambling? Do you wish you hadn’t?

I lost the equivalent of 400euro at the casino last week. What tips/tricks/words of advice do you have?

What is the game swy better known as?

Would it be a good assumption that the recent passage of gambling legislation throughout the US is effecting Las Vegas? Or is Vegas still as popular a gambling destination as it ever was?

What is the most widely played card game in casinos?

What’s the largest amount of money you’ve lost in one day at the Casino? What’s the largest amount you’ve gained? (Random curiosity…)

DO you have a gambling habit?

What is the most you have ever lost at a casino?

Are you good at gambling?

What events of your day, suggest that this is your lucky day and you should either play the lottery or go to a casino?

How far is the closest casino to your home?

Someone from reno just called me and said that they have changed their mind about by beliefs of late about the Mayans and the pyramids, she told me i was nutz at first but just called to tell me she believes because she played 2 slot machines just now…

Where was the 500 card game invented?

Poker or blackjack?

Am i just begging to get ripped off if i play at an online casino?

Have you ever gambled online and won?

Would you ever cheat a casino?

What is the lyrics to the argrosy casino commercials

If the odds in Las Vegas of winning in gambling is stacked you, are not the casinos cheating you and breaking the laws?For why should the odds only be one their side?

I am going to Wendover, what are your lucky numbers for me to play keno?

How much is the most money you have won/lost gambleing?

What is a club cart

Are there casinos in every state in the U.S. What’s the most you’ve ever lost gambling?

You live in a non-gambling state. I’ll outline it below. You wanna go with me?

Does all casinos have free drinks?

Do you like going to casino?

Are Casino workers allowed to gamble at their place of employment?

Has anyone played in Eurocasinobet online casino before? I would like to know your opinion.

I am going to be in a charity keno tournament.I need 10 numbers out of 80 will you help me pick the numbers?

Where can you enjoy the best Baccarat game online?

Where can I experience the best rummy royal games?

How to Choose the World’s Best Online Roulette System?

What it Takes to be a Great Poker Player?

Why does Kentucky behave like that?

Shall I play Poker for free on the Online?

Does New Orleans allow Gambling?

What are the poker rules to Texas Hold’em?

Is there any way to get “Lucky” and find a “magic” code to redeem for online casinos so I can play when I have 0 balance for real money?

Online casino strategies.

non smoking casinos in atlantic city

are there non smoking casinos in atlantic city? not sections but whole casinos?

How many landbased casinos are there in Macau?

Are online poker free to play?

i am looking for head or tail betting sites in which you register and deposit to play as many times as possible

About internet roulette?

I have a problem installing Warcraft Frozen Thone

Is this Chinese or Japanese??

What are most popular internet poker games?

Should gambling be illegal?

My 12 year old daughter has a talent for poker. Playing for real money. you use your computer to gamble in another state that allows gambling, are you violating the law?

Is there really such a thing as a professional gambler?

What are the rules of Baccarat?

Have any of you been to the new Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan? Wow, it is huge!! Do you Gamble? Why or why not?

How can i remove the dots, (pips) from casino dice without damaging the dice itself. And if so, what is a good legal honest site? I am new to the whole concept and idea.

Your in a casino and your down to your last 25 dollar chip after losing a few hundred, what do you do?

How many casinos are there in USA?

Are casinos legal in your state or country?

Can a casino tighten up or loosen a particular slot machine

I’m going to be down by the Atlantic City Boardwalk this weekend, which made me wonder, where are the best casinos?

What can you say about Michael Jackson’s involvement in casino gambling?

Do any casino games have better odds of winning, then others?

Craps or roulette?

Do you have a casino in your State?

Want to choose 6 numbers between 1 – 80 for me? I’ll play them on KENO at a casino today, and WHEN they win, I’ll split the winnings with you, 50-50. Sound like a good deal?

I’m flying to Las Vegas for a long weekend and was curious to know where is the best place to play slots on the strip?I tend to play .25, $1.00, and $5.00 Double Diamond slots whenever I go gambling which is usually once a year.

What advice or gambling strategy can you give to an amateur going to Las Vegas?

What should I do if I spill hot coffee in a customers lap?

Which casino did you last visited?

Would a casino kill a big winner or a sore looser?

If you were in Las Vegas what game would you play?

How often do you go to the casino?

What do you think about mobile casino games?

Are casinos legal everywhere in Australia?

What is the name of your favorite casino in the state you live in?

When you go to the casino, do you give yourself a limit (besides whats in your bank account) and if so how much?

What are some things that a beginner should know before going to a casino for the first time?

What is the most that you have won in a Gambling Casino?

Is going to a casino on your list of fun things to do?

What’s the most you’ve ever won in a bet?

Who is up for a road trip to Las Vegas? Which game do you plan to play in the Casino?

What are some legitimate online casino websites that I can game with? does anyone know of any? anyone had bad experiences with some? If so, what’s the names so I won’t make that same mistake! Thanks!

Would a sexy companion on your arm help your luck at the casino?

Is there any online casino that accepts debit cards from an apo address?

The casino always have hot servers trying to ply you with free drinks. You do not have to spend any money; I take all the financial risks.

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Have you ever lost money in a casino?

What are the chances of you going to a casino this year?

What’s the most money you’ve ever lost at a casino in one day

Is there a limit to how much a William Hill shop will payout in person on 1 bet? Are there bets that are too big? Payouts that are too big?

I’m a great better. What does doubling down mean exactly?

IS there a logical cheat for the game keno? plz help me.

What gambling games you might find in an American Indian casino?

Has anyone ever been banned from a galbing casino before if so why

How many US states have casinos?

What do you mean by multiplication bingo games?

Does any body have winning numbers lastly played in 123 bingo online.

What’s the average tipping rate at Casino’s in Las Vegas at present?

Are online poker sites (pokerstars) rigged? (2009-08-21)

How come so many feebs play pokerstars?

If you were a hand in Poker, what would you be and why?

What is your favorite online casino site? Which you have won among their online casino games.

Which of the casinos in Las Vegas have clocks?

What are the best books to ready if you want to become a better poker player?

Who thinks that working in a casino would be interesting?

What is the best strategy when playing blackjack, without counting cards?

Do you ever get ahead with gambling?

When did online casino’s appeared in the internet? and please name the first online casino?

When you go to the casino, would you rather play slots, poker or something else?

Which is the best playing card game that can be played with two people?

Is it legal to gamble online in Virginia? USA. Looking to put £5000 a bet at William Hill near Waterloo, UK

Sports Betting Tips That You Must Know

Written by  on April 30, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

In the sports betting, here is a marked differentiation between populace who stake on sporting win and events, and those who position lose and wagers.

Many people who like gambling and taking options have turned the sports betting into exciting hobby.

A good imperative of thumb is while a person cannot locate it in a person to bet against person’s favorite team, they do not bet for them, also. Having personal preference supported on emotion can guide to a better creation bad betting judgments.

Author’s Bio: 

Many people who like gambling and taking options have turned the sports betting into exciting hobby. Sports betting guidelines will help a person determine whether persons are placing persons bet on the finest team to succeed. Most of the people have turned the sports betting into the money-making undertaking, as well. Interest should not only be the verdict factor in the sports betting, a person has to have the aspiration to know enough concerning the game to establish persons chances of succeeding. If a person wants to try persons hand at building sports betting a gainful activity, there are lots of matters a person will need to recognize to ensure persons success. So, there are lots of tips, which will apprise persons as to which performer did not train very fine that season..

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The former have in used the time to incorporate enough awareness about the sporting occasion they stake on. One of the most significant sports betting tips as well advice against staking on persons favorite team. The latter just bets without hassling to do their study. It is also suitable to read up happening the players of every team to help a persons assess which way a person want to place persons bet. If persons are an intelligent bettor a person will need to struggle to get as more information as a person can before actually leasing go of person’s money

Unibet Group plc: AsianLogic Selects Kambi Sports Solutions for Pool Betting

Written by  on April 30, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

The record EUR 14,000 win on Superscore came from a EUR 0.10 bet at odds of 140,000 – 1.

This information was brought to you by Cision

About Unibet

About AsianLogic

“Providing our Pool Betting products to AsianLogic is an important and exciting milestone in Kambi´s history. We are confident that AsianLogic will benefit from adding our Pool Betting products, not just by completing the Sports Betting experience for their customers, but also because the arrangement will provide AsianLogic with a risk-free income stream”, comments Kristian Nylén, CEO, Kambi Sports Solutions.

Superscore consists of 2-4 matches where the objective is to predict the correct scores in the selected matches. Today, Unibet has more than 5.5 million customers in over 100 countries. Kambi was established as a separate subsidiary of Unibet in the beginning of 2011. The goal for Kambi is to be an independent and preferred partner to larger private operators and to the state lotteries around the world.

Kambi Sports Solutions has signed a two year agreement to deliver its Pool Betting products, Supertoto and Superscore, to the AsianLogic Group. Supertoto14 pays out on 11 or more correctly predicted matches.

Supertoto and Superscore are Kambi’s Pool Betting products, where customers of online bookmakers such as Unibet, Paf, Expekt, Nordicbet and Interwetten create joint pools in order to maximise liquidity. Unibet is one of the largest privately-owned gambling operators in the European market and provides services in 27 languages through, and

Supertoto consists of a number of weekly coupons where the challenge is to predict the correct outcomes in the selected matches. AsianLogic is involved in the development, operation, management and/or marketing of online casinos, online poker, multiplayer P2P and Asian Games, online and land-based Sports Betting, including live videostream casino gaming across the Region. The main weekend coupon, Supertoto14, consists of 14 matches from the top European football leagues. Unibet is a member of the EGBA, European Gaming and Betting Association, RGA, Remote Gambling Association in the UK and is audited and certified by eCOGRA in relation to responsible and fair gaming.

More information about AsianLogic Limited can be found on

More information about Unibet Group plc can be found on

AsianLogic is an active participant in the online and land-based gambling industry with a particular focus on the Asia Pacific markets. The Group was established in 2002 by a number of investment and gambling professionals who recognised the potential of online and interactive gambling in the Asia Pacific Region, and now employs over 400 people in the Region. These bets offer consistently high potential payouts – a single winner won more than EUR 230,000 on 2 October 2010. With AsianLogic joining the pool through Kambi, the network can now expand beyond Europe and into the prosperous Asian market.

“Sports Betting is a key area for AsianLogic. With AsianLogic, the Kambi network expands into the Asian market, giving players the benefit of the combined liquidity of two of the most attractive gaming markets – Asia and Europe

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Written by  on April 30, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

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Influence Of Card Games Over Mankind By : Vijay

When we hear about the cards games, Mathematics comes into our mind. The main purpose of playing powerball is to win it one day. Do a favor and learn what NOT to perform too.

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Indorummy Congratulates Team Germany For Winning Fifa 2014 By : indorummy

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Pokies Now Being Played Online Through The Smart Electronic Interfaces And Smart Devices By : Adammark

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Powerball Orientation: How To Play And Win Powerball In Less Than A Week By : macktop

Powerball is a game that can be play in all over the world except in some Africa continent. The game development has passed through various phases of continuous and gradual changes. Taking a day or two off from work doesn’t serve the purpose.

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Lottery System: Which Lottery System Is The Best In The Market? By : macktop

I am a regular lotto player and I use to play using lottery system as part of my strategies. I don”??t want people to keep loosing their money playing this game. You really need to keep planned that a combination should ‘t be extremely thin and watery.

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Which Game Is The Best For Playing?? I Have An Answer! By : indorummy

It is never uncommon if you come across such questions! To tell you the truth, I always come across such bizarre questions and bang my head over wall! I am a gamer and I knack exploring games.

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Playing Rummy Game Is The Key To Win Money By : Vijay is not only a online gaming website but it is a platform to increase your critical thinking along with relieving your fatigue and bringing contentment into your life.

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Fundamentals Of 13 Cards Indian Rummy By : Vijay

The online games have evolved in parallel with the rise of computer and technology. Power ball lottery is not fun game, is a game you need to play applying good strategies. A poker machine or the fruit machine was a shiny item in the casino house of the older times and represented a fun concept of the gambling.

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Chinese Zodiac Signs and Meanings

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12BET Athletic Betting Tips That You Must 12bet Realize 49708

Written by  on April 30, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

Sports 12bet gambling tips will let you evaluate if you may be placing the 12bet bet about the best organization to triumph. The former took you time to assimilate enough is critical to get the carrying around event they 12bet side bet on. When you keep the 12bet betting small , and you could more to be aware of putting your the majority of well-informed gambles.

. There are a number recommendations that will apprise you with regards to which casino player didn’t train wonderfully that couple of years, or which usually player is now suffering 12bet an accident, all this information provide a superb effect on the outcome from the game.

An advanced 12bet wise bettor you need to aim at get a information also . A superb general guideline is without a doubt when you are not able to find it in you to think against your selected company, 12bet them can not bet for the coffee lover, whether. It’s also worthwhile to read through to the gamers of every team to help you to check out which way you desire to set your think. Succumbing to this fact conflict of interest only will runs you cash.

A single mistake bettors produce is to side bet 12bet on lots of games at the same time. To be able to observe success being a bettor, you will want to show patience 12bet in addition to discerning. About these ads

12bet12BET Many people who enjoy gambling and consuming chances have flipped sports betting straight into an exciting hobby to engage in. The guidelines presented 12bet will assist you to produce smarter betting selections using the beliefs of experience physical activities experts.

Among the most valuable sports betting tips also advice next to 12bet betting upon your favorite party. To be able to try out your hand on 12bet making sports taruhan a profitable task, there are many stuff you’ll know to ensure the achievement.

Other than thorough familiarity with the having event you aiming to bet about, and doing extensive research on the 12bet teams or simply players, these pointers are of help in aiding you enter sports wagering thoroughly all set. One way to do this is almost always to constantly get sports bets tips. Finally, the latter simply top rated without bothering to accomplish their homework.

You have to get more information on one of the teams mixed up in sport. These guidelines will incorporate behind-the-scenes information regarding a special 12bet match, the groups and players involved in a gaming event, typically the prowess of the motor coachs, and various elements for example any severe weather 12bet which can impact the match, accidental injuries, and in many cases the feelings of participants.

During sports wagering, the good news is proclaimed difference between men and women that bet regarding sporting events along with 12bet win, and others 12bet who location wagers and suffer a loss of. Interest can’t afford to only be the appealing factor in activities 12bet betting, you must have the desire to learn enough within the game to ascertain your chances of succeeding. The most effective athletic betting tips recommendation bettors to put wagers at only 20% with all the self-proclaimed game being played down period. before letting turn of your capital. Getting a personal 12bet taste based on emotion can lead to a good bettor making negative betting judgements. A lot of people have 12bet turned it proper money-making project, in the process | 404 – Page Cannot Be Found

Written by  on April 29, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

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SPORTS ROUND-UP. – Free Online Library

Written by  on April 29, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

The 11 teams, along with FIA president Jean Todt and supremo Bernie Ecclestone, meet on May 1 to thrash out measures to prevent smaller marques from going to the wall.

Golf WORLD No 1 Tiger Woods is taking a long-term view of his return to action and is thinking about “the next 10 or 15 years, not the next 10 weeks”, according to his agent Mark Steinberg.

The 14-time major winner missed this month’s Masters for the first time in 20 years after undergoing surgery to correct a pinched nerve problem in his back. All rights reserved.

Junior rugby ACKLAM host a lively day of junior rugby on Sunday, with matches at all levels involving several clubs from the area. Were you in the crowd for Boro’s match at Reading? Check our online gallery and see if you can spot yourself –

Formula One MARUSSIA sporting director Graeme Lowdon feels Formula One stands on the brink of failure if it is unable to implement cost control. Fowler is favourite to reach the 75kg final, taking place at the same time as The Reds look to seal the Premier League title against Chelsea at Anfield.

Snooker ALI Carter rallied from 5-1 down to 5-3 going into today’s play in his Dafabet World Championship second-round clash with Mark Selby.

Football FORMER defender Sol Campbell believes Arsenal will be challengers next season if they buy a couple of players who can “frighten” the opposition.

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No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.. His agent said Woods will be back in action sometime this summer, though couldn’t be more precise.

Boxing LIVERPOOL fan Antony Fowler, 23, insists he will stay focused as he bids to claim the English ABA middleweight title in his home city on Sunday

RCS – GB Group PLC – engages GB Group

Written by  on April 29, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

“By helping us meet our regulatory requirements, we can continue to operate responsibly and transparently – a fundamental approach in the way we do business.”


Number: 07976 538556 / 01244 657333

Number: 07907 979945 / 020 8834 3474 engages GB Group to enter European market

GB Group is the UK’s leading Identity Management business. Through the application of our proprietary technology, we enable organisations to connect, communicate and transact with people safely, responsibly and profitably.  In doing so, we help businesses like O2, Laura Ashley, HMRC, BBC TV Licensing, Ordnance Survey, HBoS, LloydsTSB,, Virgin Games, PartyGaming, Betfair and Ladbrokes understand their customers better to create more meaningful customer interactions – and reduce costs across the business.



About GB Group plc. Equally important was the need for the technology to meet regulatory requirements, which GB Group’s ID verification product does.

The Company will strive to be the best remote gambling company in the European market by providing a superior, unsurpassed core product and innovative and exciting additional products, through a superior gaming platform and a safe, transparent, socially responsible, regulated environment, where the customer’s needs will always be primordial and corporate activities are conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards



GB Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange (GBG).  GB Group – because identity matters(TM)  


For any further information, please contact:

“We are extremely impressed by GB Group’s ID verification product in terms of its capabilities and scale and believe they are best placed to provide us with a solution that offers us a true reflection of who our customers are,” says Anderson. Entering the European market is part of our global strategy to grow and grab market share.  We are confident we are approaching it in a safe, secure and responsible way with the help of GB Group’s Identity Management expertise.”

“Following our strategic entry into the European market, a key requirement for us was to be able to accurately verify identities across borders,” says Rory Anderson, CEO for Europe at As part of this strategic move, enlisted GB Group, a leading Identity Management business, to manage its online ID verification processes.

Following a risk-based approach to ID verification, GB Group’s ID3 technology will enable to identify customers around the globe, as well as block those from countries where they do not want to do business. We believe we have the best technology in the market to do just this and we are pleased to work with them to offer their customers peace of mind that they are gambling on a protected and responsible site.”

As part of this deal, GB Group will be rolling out its international ID verification product powered by its award winning ID3 technology, which has the capabilities of checking more than 800 million citizens in over 26 countries.


Adrie Wessels, Bite Communications

12bet offers thousands of events and competitive odds for Live Betting across the main bet types.  





Maxine Morgan, GB Group


Richard Law, CEO at GB Group comments, “Fraud prevention is high on’s priority list and it is important for them to instill trust amongst their customers. “GB Group’s ID verification solution perfectly complements our existing KYC and anti-fraud policies and procedures, helping us to achieve our goal.”

LONDON – 23 August 2010 –, one of the largest sports betting sites operating in Asia, has recently launched its European operations. The Company wants to ensure that a person will always be available to answer your comments and questions in a courteous efficient manner. For more information, please visit GB Group’s website: Primarily focused on football, 12Bet events cover over 75 Leagues and on average 7,000 events per month.  Around 3400 events per month are available for Live Betting.  We offer Live Betting up to the 89th minute of play, and often 90 minutes +2!  12bet gives you more choice than the current offering of most European based remote gambling operators.

12bet is a Pacific Sea Invests SA (Europe) Ltd company and is based in Isle of Man and operates under a Isle of Man Gaming Commission Gaming License.  12bet is powered by global betting gaming software supplier SunPlus Technologies



The Company’s customer support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, contactable through various easy methods. It helps organisations recognise and verify all elements of an individual’s identity at every interaction. The Company’s top-most priority is ensuring the highest level of customer care.

Anderson concludes, “We look forward to developing our European business with GB Group

Everton FC renews partnership with Dafabet for three more years

Written by  on April 28, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

Dafabet will offer international supporters a range of promotional offers and competitions, as well as the chance to win prizes and the chance to attend Premier League games at Goodison Park.

“Having already worked together for three seasons, we’ve witnessed first-hand the work the club do behind the scenes and are very happy with what we’ve achieved so far.

Dafabet first joined as an official partner in the 2012/13 season and is one of Asia’s leading online gaming sites, offering users a premium sportsbook service covering 5,000 live events from around the world on a weekly basis.

The deal means Blues fans will continue to have access to a wide variety of markets to bet on.

Everton FC marketing and communications director Richard Kenyon said: “Our successful partnership with Dafabet is a good example of how beneficial partnering with Everton can be.

John Cruces head of sports marketing and sponsorship at Dafabet, added: “We’re thrilled to be extending our successful partnership with Everton.

Dafabet will also provide versions of Everton’s official website in both Thailand and China, which will keep Everton’s international supporters up-to-date on events at Goodison Park in their own language.

“Dafabet was new to the Premier League for the 2012/13 season and, building on a positive couple of seasons for both parties, we are pleased to continue working alongside Asia’s leading online gaming site to offer our international supporters a premium gaming service.”

Everton FC has renewed its partnership with international betting and gaming partner Dafabet for a further three years to the end of the 2017/2018 season.

“We look forward to continuing the relationship and further achieving our mutual goals.”

Learn To Bet On Online Sportsbooks In Five Easy Ways!

Written by  on April 28, 2015
Max Lyons

Max Lyons

Before you fall for the next sports gambling resource that you find, check out the following reviews of the very best sports bettor systems by visiting Arbitrage Betting
Max Lyons

He really enjoys sports and enjoys life.

THREE: Exercise proper money management. Check if its customer service is reliable so that you can get an assurance of great service. Do not forget to take down important notes when placing bets. Choose one that has clear contents, particularly its rules and FAQs. The following are five easy ways that you should follow when betting on online sportsbooks:

ONE: Look for a reliable online sportsbook. Search for reviews on the Internet for you to know what other people think of various online sportsbooks. You can use those notes as references when you make bets in the future. Control your budget if you are already incurring successive losses. Your vast knowledge on your favourite teams or players can greatly help you in making the right choice for betting on matches. Sometimes he goes for car racing and motor crossing. Klause enjoys playing basketball, watching Soccer League, like EPL, Laliga, UEFA, FIFa, Olympics and other sports. It pays to land on one that gives you great returns on your bets and takes care of your money and convenience at the same time.

TWO: Choose your favourite sports matches. Always make it a point to check the latest updates on matches which you have betted on. Winning or losing is normal when betting in online sportsbooks. Identify the possible reasons why you are winning and losing so that you can create consistent betting habits and techniques that you can proudly call “tried and tested”.


Author’s Bio: . If you have more questions that you want to ask, do not hesitate to contact your online sportsbook’s customer service. Check out your online sportsbook and see if it updates its betting details. Online sportsbooks can provide you with the best sports bet line details on all your favourite sports at any time of the day. To maintain a great sports betting experience, you must research on practical ways to manage your money for bets. What he is icharged of is to give updates, on every hit matches, preview, tips and guide for the sportsbook player and onlince casino players. For example, when you bet on soccer matches, go for those that involve your favourite clubs so that you can use your insights well when betting. Keep in mind that different sports may have different sets of bets and rules, so you have to be aware on what to do in order for you to make the right choices. Klause live independent and waiting for the time to live with her fiancée. Klause is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science wherein he is taking Master’s Degree in Information Technology.

Betting on online sportsbooks is surely a great way to enjoy sports with the use of your Internet-enabled computer or device. In that way, you can directly talk to a customer service representative who is always ready to answer all your queries.

FIVE: Study your bets. He manage the fan page of 12bet sportsbook and 12bet casino. Learn to distribute your money across smaller bets when betting on several odds. Make it a habit to refer to the online sportsbooks’ rules and FAQs if you are having difficulties understanding some things when betting. If you are knowledgeable of the teams in matches that you want to bet on, you can feel confident even if they are playign against tough oponnent sides.

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Tomas Chan is a sportsbooks addict and online casino enthusiasts. In that way, you can further enjoy sports betting without having to worry about your money.

FOUR: Understand the rules well